AA Participation, Spirituality and Alcohol Outcome

While researchers have shown greater interest in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) over the past decade, relatively little empirical attention has been placed on spirituality. In recognition of the importance of this topic, this study was conducted to address three primary objectives: (1) to assess the relationship between AA participation to spirituality (defined as sense of life purpose, serenity, and religiosity) over the course of residential treatment for alcoholism and a 6-month posttreatment follow-up period; (2) to assess the role of spirituality as a partial mediator of the demonstrated relationship between AA participation and alcohol outcome; and (3) to examine, in exploratory fashion, several variables (including forgiveness, hope, and the seeking of life purpose) as potential mediators of the proposed relationship between AA participation and spirituality. Data have been gathered, and analyses are ongoing. Funded by a grant of $308,000 from NIAAA, 2000-2003.