Help-Seeking for Alcohol Problems: A Prospective Study


This Mentored Research Scientist Development Award from NIAAA provided five years of support to Dr. Ronda Dearing for mentored training, advanced coursework, and data collection in the field of help-seeking and treatment for alcohol problems. In the context of the proposed study, individuals with a range of alcohol problem severity were recruited and their help-seeking behavior tracked over a two-year period. The primary aim of the study was to assess whether attitudes about alcohol and alcohol treatment predict help-seeking for alcohol problems. Other potential predictors of help-seeking behavior investigated included: problem severity, pressures to enter treatment, shame-proneness, and guilt-proneness. Dr. Dearing’s mentors for this program of study included Dr. Gerard Connors and Dr. Kimberly Walitzer of RIA. Funded by a grant of $585,095 from NIAAA, 2005-2011.