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March 31 - J. David Jentsch, PhD

Reward, Interrupted: Inhibitory Control and Its Relevance for Addictions

J. David Jentsch, PhD

J. David Jentsch, PhD, is currently the Empire Innovation Professor of Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) at Binghamton University. A considerable amount of his research focuses on identifying the genetic and neural mechanisms contributing to compromised self-control abilities in drug and alcohol addictions. His research contributions were recognized by the 2011 Jacob P. Waletzky Award from the Society for Neuroscience. Additionally, Dr. Jentsch is an advocate for sustained engagement with the public on the substance and practice of psychological and neuroscience research, including on the topic of humane and responsible animal research. His past efforts to promote heightened participation in public outreach led to his receiving the 2012 Award for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.