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February 7 - David Herzberg, PhD

America’s Other Drug Wars: Prescription Drug Abuse and Race in the 20th Century

David Herzberg, PhD

David Herzberg, PhD, is an associate professor of history at the University at Buffalo and director of the History Department’s MA program. He specializes in the history of medicine, with a particular interest in how encounters with health and illness have been transformed in the 20th century’s consumer culture, especially in the context of modern prescription pharmaceuticals, such as sedatives, stimulants and narcotics. Dr. Herzberg’s research has appeared in the American Journal of Public Health, American Quarterly, the Atlantic Monthly Online, and in a book, Happy Pills in America: From Miltown to Prozac (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009).

Dr. Herzberg is currently working on a history of prescription drug abuse in the 20th century. Licit drug abuse has consistently dwarfed “street” drug use, yet drug-war scholarship focuses mostly on heroin, cocaine and marijuana. He aims to uncover the long and mostly forgotten history of the licit drug cultures that are now being “discovered” as new and ominous social threats.

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