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April 18 - Fulton T. Crews, PhD

Evidence Supporting Adult Dysfunction Suggests Adolescence Binge Drinking Syndrome

Fulton T. Crews, PhD

Fulton T. Crews, PhD, is a neuropsychopharmacologist who for many years has investigated how drugs change the brain and behavior. As director of the UNC Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies, he has investigated how chronic ethanol induces structural and functional changes in the brain associated with binge drinking to determine if and how these changes contribute to behavioral changes that lead to addiction. 

Among his many research findings, Dr. Crews discovered that heavy alcohol use damages cortical brain regions involved in impulse control and planning—capabilities that help individuals weigh remembered negative and positive consequences before taking actions such as drinking. He is among the few neuroscientists investigating the adolescent brain as a unique neurodevelopmental period that has considerable risk for future alcoholism. His studies on brain recovery during abstinence following alcohol dependence provide insight into the mechanisms of recovery from addiction and and how structural changes in brain during abstinence may be important for successful recovery from addiction. His goal is to improve understanding and knowledge that promotes better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of addiction. 

Dr. Crews has been director of the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies since 1995.  Under his leadership, the Bowles Center has become a leading center in research on the molecular mechanisms of alcohol pathology, and on the testing of new therapies. He currently serves on the NIAAA Council.

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