Postdoctoral Success Stories

Julie A. Schumacher, PhD

Julie A. Schumacher, PhD

RIA Postdoctoral Associate 2001-2004

Current position

Professor and Vice Chair for Education
Dept. of Psychiatry and Human Behavior
University of Mississippi Medical Center 

Academic Profile

Dr. Schumacher’s work focuses on the intersection of alcohol and other drugs with violence and interpersonal trauma as well as methods for enhancing the dissemination and implementation of evidence based brief interventions for individuals with substance use problems.  


“The Research Institute on Addictions played a crucial role in my career development.  In my current position I am involved in teaching, research and clinical practice. The training I received at RIA enhanced my preparation for all of these roles.

During graduate school, my research focused exclusively on intimate partner violence. Through my postdoctoral fellowship at RIA I was able to develop expertise in alcohol and other drug use disorders. This has enabled me to receive funding as a PI or Co-I on several grants from NIAAA and NIMH and I continue to collaborate and publish with RIA scientists.

During my fellowship, I was also able to gain experience treating substance use disorders using motivational interviewing and other treatment modalities through RIA’s Clinical Research Center (now Addiction Treatment Services). This experience informed my treatment development research and also informs my current clinical practice and supervision.

Additionally, this experience also enabled me to pursue membership in the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, which in turn prepared me to develop NIDA and SAMHSA-funded novel curricula for training psychology interns, medical students, and psychology interns in motivational interviewing and related interventions. I am very grateful to Ken Leonard and Paul Stasiewicz for their intensive mentoring and supervision in these respective areas during my training.”