Postdoctoral Success Stories

Jaye L. Derrick, PhD

Jaye L. Derrick, PhD

RIA Postdoctoral Associate 2008-2011

Current position

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Psychology
University of Houston

Academic Profile

Dr. Derrick is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Houston. Her research examines the influence of close relationships (and faux relationships) on self-regulation, well-being, health, health behaviors and addictive behaviors; the influence of substance use on close relationship functioning and intimate partner aggression; and daily diary and EMA research methods.


“My graduate training was specific to close relationships research, so I received all of my training in alcohol, smoking and other addictions research at RIA. I learned about the addictions field partly through the postdoc training seminars, and partly through collaborations with my mentors.

I was fortunate enough to work with two amazing and prolific scientists, Dr. Kenneth Leonard and Dr. Maria Testa, who have been integral to my career success. They helped me to focus my research interests; guided my growth as a writer; provided structure for my forays into more complicated data analysis; and shared projects on which I have been able to publish. Under their mentorship, I obtained my first NIH grant (an R21 from NIDA).

Given the friendly and collaborative environment at RIA, I had the opportunity to work with several other scientists as well. The papers I published and the grant that was funded at RIA are the reasons I was able to obtain a tenure track position at a research-intensive university.”