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Discover the Research Institute on Addictions

The Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) is a long-standing national leader in the study of substance use and abuse, addiction and treatment. For more than 40 years, we have conducted groundbreaking research on significant addiction issues.

RIA's Neurobiological Researchers
RIA is home to bright, passionate scientists whose work covers a broad range of addiction-related topics.
Alexis Thompson, PhD, and research students
RIA scientists work in collaborative research teams that foster interdisciplinary methods of exploring addiction issues.
DXM (cough-suppresant)
RIA shares knowledge with other researchers, treatment providers, legislators and the public to aid understanding of addiction-related issues. 
Rebecca Houston, PhD, and Jaye Derrick, PhD, work with graduate students.
RIA offers opportunities for researchers and other professionals to develop their skills and knowledge through our postdoctoral research training program, seminars and conferences.
treatment tools
RIA’s Clinical Research Center (CRC) is the only addictions treatment program in New York State designed specifically for clinical research.