Sponsored Activities Reports

The University at Buffalo conducts nearly $200 million in sponsored activity expenditures each year through a diverse array of research, development, training, instruction, and public service projects within 12 schools and colleges and dozens of centers and institutes.

Sponsored Projects Services maintains Sponsored Research Reports, a repository for reports and records of sponsored project proposal and award activity.

Sponsored Activities Reports allows the review and analysis of both aggregated (Summary) and individual-level (Detailed) information regarding sponsored projects. Reports provides annual summary information and a detailed breakdown of sponsored activity. Information can be filtered by schools/departments, sponsors, and by investigators. All pages have an excel download option. Users must log-in with their UBIT username and password.


Proposal data for FY19 going forward is derived from Click Grants Funding Proposal data. Before FY19 data was derived from the Electronic Sponsored Projects System (ESPS) Approval Form.

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