In order to be compliant with federal regulations, the university requires everyone working with laboratory animals to be experienced or take the training.

Through the training program, you will learn proper handling and care, pre- and post-procedural care, aseptic surgical methods, analgesics, anesthetics and tranquilizers. You also will learn more about research and testing methods that minimize animal distress.

The experience or training requirement includes investigators, technicians, research fellows, students and visiting scientists. PIs not working directly with animals but supervising an animal-use project also must attend training.

Getting Certified

The IACUC and the Laboratory Animal Facility (CM-LAF) conduct the Responsible Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Certification Program. In order to receive the IACUC certification, all personnel working with animals are required to complete online tutorials, a euthanasia lab and hands-on training.

CM-LAF Orientation Session

Everyone working with animals must attend a CM-LAF facility orientation session. If you have animals in the Biomedical Education Building AND Hochstetter/Park, you need to attend both orientation sessions.

Online Training

The online tutorial is available on UBlearns. You must be enrolled as an authorized user before taking the courses.

To enroll, please email your UBIT name to You will be notified when enrolled into the UBlearns online tutorial.

After you are enrolled and logged in, you access the lectures under “Course Documents.”

Contact the IACUC office if you do not have an UBITname. 

Click IACUC Module Training

All IACUC protocols must be entered via the Click Portal. To attend a training session for Click, please register.

Hands-on Training

You must demonstrate competence in basic animal procedures, as well as skills specific to the species in your studies, by attending all training labs appropriate to your research.

  • For example: if you work with rats, euthanize the rats, and collect tissue from them, you must complete the online tutorial and attend the lab for handling/injections and methods of euthanasia.
The hands-on labs are offered at the beginning of each semester and before the summer school session.

All students attending hands-on labs are required to bring a lab coat.