Protocol Information

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Title A clinical study to examine the effects on salivary bacteria of brushing with a stannous fluoride toothpaste over a four-week period.
Description The purpose of this study is to evaluate and compare how stannous fluoride toothpaste affects the bacteria in human saliva, compared to toothpaste with fluoride.

Participants will be asked to be in this research study for 6 weeks.

This study will be at the University at Buffalo, South Campus in the Dental Clinic
Objective This clinical study will compare the effects on salivary bacteria of brushing with a commercially available fluoride toothpaste versus a stannous fluoride toothpaste via the collection and analysis of oral samples (dental plaque, saliva, and scrapings from the surfaces of the tongue, cheek and gum).

Keywords: salivary bacteria, fluoride toothpaste,
Principal Investigator HARASZTHY, VIOLET
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Not Open
Key Eligibility 18 - 70 years of age
A minimum of 20 natural teeth with facial and lingual scorable surfaces
Have no allergies to oral hygiene formulations
Available during study duration
Disease Group Dental/Teeth/Jaw