Protocol Information

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Title Using positive parent-child interactions as an alternative reinforcer to promote healthier eating among preschoolers
Description The study consist of multiple phases. We are currently recruiting for phase 3, in which children play a game to earn time reading with a parent and/or completing an indoor nature walk activity with a parent, to determine how much children like these activities (or “alternative reinforcers”).

Participants will be asked to complete 1 study visit.

The study visit will be at the University at Buffalo, South Campus

If you're interested in this study, please contact the study contact listed below.
Objective The purpose of this study is to promote positive, rewarding parent-child interactions, hypothesizing that these could function as a novel alternative reinforcer, decreasing the Relative Reinforcing Value (RRV) of food (i.e. childrens motivation to eat).

Keywords: children, behavioral, food reinforcing
Principal Investigator FRASCA, STEPHANIE
Age Group Both
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Child is 4-5 years old
Parent/guardian is 18 years of age or older
Child is not diagnosed with a serious physical or mental health condition that precludes participation
Participants are English speakers
Children have not participated in a prior phase of the Read With Me Study
Disease Group Behavioral Research; Children's Health/Pediatrics
+1 716-829-6691