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Title Integrating Naltrexone Treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous Facilitation, and the OPRM1 Polymorphism in the Treatment of Alcohol Dependent Outpatients
Description The Next Step is an alcohol treatment and research program that provides empirically validated medication and addictions counseling to eligible individuals.

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Objective Treatment consists of 3 months of individual counseling and 90 days of oral Naltrexone medication at the UB Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) Addictions Treatment Services (ATS). Patients will be genotyped to determine OPRM1 status; G-allele patients will be oversampled to comprise n = 10; A-allele patients will comprise n = 10. Patients will be assessed at an in-person eligibility screen (n=80), and, for n = 20, at intake, end of treatment, and 8 weeks post treatment for alcohol involvement, craving, medication compliance, AA involvement, beliefs and attitudes regarding drinking, smoking and nicotine dependence, mood, mental and physical health and treatment satisfaction.

Keywords: Alcohol Dependent, Alcohol Use Disorder, drinking
Principal Investigator WALITZER, KIMBERLY
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Ages 21-72

Alcohol Use Disorder
and you must want to stop drinking
Disease Group Behavioral Research; Substance Abuse/Addictions
Treatment Naltrexone Treatment
Alcoholics Anonymous Facilitation
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