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Title Comparison of effects of Simvastatin versus Ezetimibe on intracellular lipid and inflammation in obese subjects.
Description Study visits will be in Williamsville, NY

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Objective The purpose of the research is to determine which of the two ingredients of Vytorin (Simvastatin or Ezetimibe) is responsible for anti-inflammatory effects of Vytorin. This study will compare the effects of Simvastatin or Ezetimibe on fat accumulated inside your white blood cells and inflammatory markers in the blood, in obese individuals, after taking saturated fat in the form of dairy cream.

Keywords: obesity, weight
Principal Investigator DANDONA, PARESH
Age Group Adult
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Ages 18-65
Obesity with BMI greater than 30
Disease Group Obesity/Weight Loss
Treatment Simvastatin
+1 716-898-1948