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Title Reinforcing value of alternatives and weight gain in children
Description The purpose of this study is to examine how motivation to play different activities influences
motivation to eat. The effect of the available food and activities will be measured by behavioral responding or different foods and activities.

Participants will be asked to complete 3 laboratory visits over a 12 month period. An addition to the laboratory visits, there will be 1 home visit. Thereafter, there will be 1 laboratory visit over the next 12 months. In total, the participant will be expected to be in this research study for 2 years.

Study visits will be at the University at Buffalo, South Campus
Objective The overall goal of this study is to study individual differences in food and alternative reinforcement in the home environment as risk and protective factors for child weight gain. We will study 300 6-9 year-old children who vary in food reinforcement, parental education and alternatives to food reinforcement.

Keywords: Children, weight, food preferences, nutrition, activities and exercise.
Principal Investigator EPSTEIN, LEONARD
Age Group Children
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Ages 6-9
Disease Group Behavioral Research; Children's Health/Pediatrics; Healthy Volunteers
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