Protocol Information

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Title (Protocol Number A1281198) A Phase 3, Multicenter, Four-Week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group Efficacy And Safety Trial Of Flexible Doses Of Oral Ziprasidone In Children And Adolescents With Bipolar I Disorder (Current Or Most Recent Episode Manic)
Description The purpose of this study is to determine if ziprasidone is safe and effective for the treatment of children and adolescents (ages 10-17) with bipolar I disorder (manic or mixed).

Study visits will be at Erie County Medical Center
Objective Efficacy and Safety Trial of Flexible Doses of Oral Ziprasidone in Children and Adolescents With Bipolar I Disorder

keywords: Bipolar 1, pediatrics
Principal Investigator KAYE, DAVID
Age Group Children
Drugs Involved
Status Open
Key Eligibility Ages 10-17
Bipolar 1 Disorder
Disease Group Anxiety/Depression/Mood Disorders; Children's Health/Pediatrics; Mental Disorders
Treatment Ziprasidone