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Disease Site: Dental/Teeth/Jaw

Title Protocol Number Status
Evasion of destruction and survival of Oral Microbiota within Macrophage and Dendritic Cells. 030-626714 Open
Effect of cytokines and oral bacteria on gingival fibroblast and epithelial cell function 030-663292 Open
Effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin-A in the treatment of Headaches Attributed to Temporomandibular Disorders: An open label pilot study. STUDY00000054 Open
Effects of Invisalign on upper airway dimensions STUDY00000725 Open
Oral Hygiene in Institutionalized Elderly STUDY00000842 Open
Impact of Periodontal therapy on Patients with Diabetes: A Pilot Study STUDY00000962 Open
Amnesic Effects of Nitrous during Dental Procedures STUDY00001049 Open
Clinical Trial of the Efficacy of Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Compared to Connective Tissue Graft in Treatment of Gingival Recession STUDY00001141 Open
A study to examine the effects of toothbrushing on the bacteria found in different regions of the mouth. STUDY00001467 Open
Determination of the Effectiveness of Adjunctive Intraoral Electrotherapy on Periodontal Disease STUDY00001636 Open
Effect of Ultrasound Therapy on Bilateral Masseter Myalgia: Comparison of 1 MHz versus 3 MHz STUDY00001683 Open
Adapted Dental Environment STUDY00002367 Open
The Experience of Tooth Extraction Study STUDY00002454 Open
The Oral and Gut Microbiota of Patients With and Without Crohn's Disease and With and Without Periodontal Disease STUDY00002708 Open
Development of a scale for the self-report assessment of injury experience STUDY00002752 Open