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University and Business Partnerships - Impact Study 2017

New Study Findings: UB Industry Partners Yield $228 Million Impact on Regional Economy and Support 1,883 Jobs

Gain value from the power of partnerships."Win. Win. Win. That’s the Power of Partnerships,”  was commissioned to assess the impact of partnerships, programs and state incentives focused on facilitating industry engagement and technology commercialization over a one-year period.

The UB team works with companies of all sizes, but has particularly a large impact on startups and mid-size companies looking to grow in Western New York.

UB’s industry partners:

  • Had a collective economic impact on Western New York of over $228 million in just one year.
  • Supported regional 1,883 jobs through direct and indirect employment.
  • Raised nearly $121 million dollars from federal, state and non-governmental sources.

Experience how the Business and Entrepreneur Partnership team works to bring UB researcher’s innovations from lab to market, and how companies grow with us. Working together, a win is in sight.

View the full report below and find out how working with UB is a win for industry, for our region and beyond.

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