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Stefan Ruhl

Professor of Oral Biology
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine


Saliva, oral bacteria, glycobiology of bacterial adhesion, oral microbiome, oral health

Head shot of Stefan Ruhl, University at Buffalo saliva and oral biology expert.

Stefan Ruhl is an internationally known expert on oral biology.

He researches saliva and oral bacteria, with the goal of elucidating the role they play in health. One area of focus is the development of tools for learning about glycans, biomolecules that help bacteria attach to host surfaces, including in the mouth. This project includes an effort to collect oral bacteria and saliva from humans, horses, cows, sheep, rodents and other mammals.

In other studies, Ruhl has investigated the evolutionary history of important salivary proteins. This work has led to important advances in the field, such as the identification of a starch-digesting enzyme called amylase in the saliva of pet dogs and various other mammals for the first time.

Ruhl was named Salivary Researcher of the Year by the International Association for Dental Research in 2014.


Stefan Ruhl, DDS, PhD
Professor of Oral Biology
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine