Kenneth M. Tramposch, PhD

Ken Tramposch.

Ken Tramposch is the Senior Associate Vice President for Research and the Research Foundation Operations Manager.

Ken Tramposch, senior associate vice president, supports the research and creative activities of faculty throughout the University at Buffalo. His education and his 21 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with both large pharma and start-up companies, have encouraged him to focus on generating greater collaboration among different disciplines.

Many research sponsors, especially federal agencies, have expanded their emphasis on funding team and interdisciplinary projects. The driving force behind this paradigm shift lies predominantly in the complexity of the scientific and societal issues that need to be addressed. While the desirability of interdisciplinary research and inquiry is widely acknowledged, and while such interdisciplinary activity has been practiced in industry and at government labs for many years, the barriers to team formation and collaborative research at universities are high. Using the tools and programs available in the OVPRED, Tramposch helps faculty develop platforms for collaboration. He also manages several internal funding programs aimed at supporting new research and creative activity initiatives.

Tramposch is also associate professor of pharmacology and toxicology in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He has published more than 60 research papers on the molecular basis of inflammation physiology especially as it relates to the mechanism of action of steroid hormones and retinoids. The overall goal of this work is to develop novel drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Prior to joining UB in 2001, Tramposch led multidisciplinary teams that developed new therapeutic products for which he holds several patents. He received his BS degree in chemistry from Duquesne University and his PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University at Buffalo.