Dr. Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang.

Yi Zhang is a RENEW Electrom Microscopy Specialist. He is an experienced electron microscopist with over 13 years of work experience. His research interests are transmission electron microscopy (TEM) characterization of materials at atomic level, especially multifunctional oxides and superconductor materials. He is also a Research Assistant Professor in the RENEW Institute.

Dr. Zhang has developed advanced techniques that rely on TEM to provide detailed atomic level structure information. He has broad training in conventional and advanced (aberration-corrected) S/TEM techniques, such as defect imaging, HREM, HAADF-STEM, EDS, EELS, electron diffraction, electron tomography, 3D electron diffraction tomography, low-dose imaging, among others.

He has successfully applied his proficient TEM techniques to complex multi-disciplinary research projects over the last thirteen years. For example, he provided a detailed TEM analysis of oxygen rich nanostructures that serve as artificial pinning centers in iron-based superconductors. He performed atomic-scale EELS analysis of LaAlO3 films grown on SrTiO3 to determine the atomic and electronic structure of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface. He studied the asymmetry boundaries in mixed phase BiFeO3 films by quantitative analysis of HAADF-HRSTEM images and EELS spectra. He also worked on solar cells and zeolite catalysts with international collaborators. His work focuses on atomic, chemical and electronic structures, and provides a complete understanding of structure-property relationships in these materials.

In addition, Dr. Zhang also has industrial experience. As a senior engineer at Sinopec in Beijing, he applied rotation electron diffraction methods to determine unknown structures, developed 3DTEM methods to study the morphology and structures of nano particles, designed and implemented the analysis of laboratory and commercial catalysts.

Dr. Zhang holds a Ph.D. in Materials Physics and Chemistry from Nanjing University in 2011 and a Bachelor’s of Materials Physics from Nanjing University in 2004.