Leadership and Staff

Amit Goyal, Director, UB RENEW Institute Empire Innovation Professor, UB departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics and Materials, Design & Innovation. Emeritus Corporate Fellow, UT-Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Megan joined RENEW in January 2019 as a Senior Staff Assistant. She earned her Bachelor's Degree from Baldwin-Wallace University, her Master's in Music from Juilliard, and her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University, focusing on performance and pedagogy. 
Zia Ahmed is a RENEW Database / Visualization Specialist. He has over 20 years of work experience in environmental modeling and data analysis. Areas of expertise include (1) data mining, (2) geographic information systems (GIS), remote/proximal sensing, and geostatistics (3) linear/non-linear model, mixed effect model, multivariate statistics and machine learning and (4) database management. He is also a Research Associate Professor in the RENEW Institute.
Michael A. Shelly is a RENEW Environmental/Ecological Economist. He is an experienced environmental economist (with over 25 years experience) who has analyzed a wide variety of projects on five continents.  He is also a Research Assistant Professor in the RENEW Institute.
Yi Zhang is a RENEW Electrom Microscopy Specialist. He is an experienced electron microscopist with over 13 years of work experience. His research interests are transmission electron microscopy (TEM) characterization of materials at atomic level, especially multifunctional oxides and superconductor materials. He is also a Research Assistant Professor in the RENEW Institute.
Eun Ju Moon is a RENEW materials scientist. She is an experienced materials scientist who has worked on physical properties optimization. Areas of expertise include heteroepitaxial thin films synthesis, magnetoelectric coupling, interfacial magnetism, 2DEG materials, and ferroelectrics. She is also a Research Assistant Professor in the RENEW Institute.
Dr. Krabbenhoft’s research lies at the intersection of land and water to address how human activities impact freshwater ecosystems. With a focus on biological conservation, much of her work occurs in stream and tributary systems as a way to better understand ecosystem dynamics from stream reach to watershed scales. Her research could be broadly described as community ecology with a focus on fish and aquatic macroinvertebrates through competition, predation, and the response to outside stressors.