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What Can You Do?

We only have a shot of winning this competition if we all come together and created a joined effort to increase recycling and reduce waste on campus. Afterall, what this competition comes down to is University wide recycling totals, so we'll do our part and you do yours!

12 Easy Steps to Do Your Part :

  1. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!
  2. Think before you throw something out: "Can this item be recycled?"
  3. You can place a work order to request new bins if you see the need
  4. Insert a RecycleMania tagline to your emails
  5. Promote RecycleMania and Recycling on Facebook!
  6. Print and hang posters around campus (get them at our Downloads page)
  7. Create a video promoting recycling and/or RecycleMania
  8. Post recycling instructions near bins
  9. Try composting
  10. Hold a competition among your friends or Student Group to see who can recycle the most in a week!
  11. Tell a Friend!
  12. Rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, and have fun!



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