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What We are Doing

We understand that doing well in this competition rests on our shoulders just as much as it does yours. So we're trying to do our part with efforts like encouraging recycling in the UB community, and making our recycling system more efficient. Here's a brief run down of things we're doing to help the cause:

15 Things We're Doing:

  1. Providing weekly feedback on our status
  2. Placing tracking boards at the entrances to North and South Campus
  3. Placing a tracking board in the Union for students
  4. Updates to our Facebook, Twitter and recycling websites
  5. Encouraging the UB Community to recycle
  6. Caught Green Handed
  7. Adopt-a-Game
  8. Advertisements
  9. The 'I am a RecycleManiac' campaign (see our Downloads page)
  10. Promotional items
  11. Playing up the competition!
  12. The SUNY Colleges and Universities Recycling Challenge!
  13. Inter-departmental challenges
  14. Video competition
  15. Keeping it FUN!



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