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The Three R's

Close the Loop

The Second R: Reuse

Let's be realistic: we are all eventually going to buy new things and throw out our old things. There are still steps to be taken to help reduce how much trash gets into the waste stream. By EPA estimates, anywhere between 2 and 5 percent of the waste stream is potentially reusable.
What is ReUse?

The aim of reuse is to divert trash from landfills for as long as possible. You can do this by using 'single-use' materials over and over (like building materials or even dryer sheets).

Here are great sites to visit (most of them local) that offer reuse opportunities:

Creative ReUse

The other approach to reuse is to look at something in a different light; to repurpose an item so it is given a new life outside of the landfill (like turning an empty sour cream container into a planter for your garden). If your creative side needs a little kick-start here are some great sites to look at for inspiration:



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