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Intramural Sports Officials are the most important ingredient in the Recreation Intramural Sports Program. Persons in these positions must have an above average knowledge of the rules and officiating procedures of the game, enforce the rules of the game and be capable of controlling difficult game situations without bias.

People wanting to become an official or scorekeeper will be required to complete the mandatory training sessions for their sport to learn the rules and officiating procedures of the specific sport they will officiate.

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Available Positions


Job Description
Officiate Intramural Team Sports which may include: Flag Football, Basketball, Softball, Floor Hockey, Roller Hockey, Dodgeball, Soccer, Volleyball, and other Seasonal Team Sports. Work under the supervision of the Student Head Official along with Assistant Director for Intramurals`(ADI). Attendance is required for the mandatory training and evaluation sessions. Students sports officiating is a seasonal employment opportunity with scheduling based on weekly performance evaluations. All employees must read and sign the Declaration of Commitment in the Intramural Employee Handbook once they have decided to begin work for UB Intramurals.


Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Provide Pre-game assistance
    • Assist in setting up equipment for the evening and/or weekend activities
    • Sign-in and collect student ID’s of Intramural Teams.
    • Assist in examining facility for safety hazards.
    • Monitor team rosters and ensure compliance with rules during each contest.
  2. Provide quality officiating during contests
    • Read and understand the house rules as well as national rules that are to govern the sport you will be officiating.
    • Show up with appropriate attire (Official jerseys will be issued to each employee)
    • Maintain a safe, fun yet competitive game atmosphere.
    • Alleviate arguments and trash talking before it gets out of hand.
    • Keep score as needed and requested by Intramural Head Official
  3. Assist in post game duties
    • Assist in completing any forms that are in need of completing.
    • Assist in closing down the facility and collecting equipment at the conclusion of all activities.
    • Assist in securing facility at the conclusion of the Intramural activity.
    • Communicate frequently with the Head Official or ADI about any issues with particular teams, players or staff.

Knowledge/Skills Required for the Job

  • Full-time students in good standing are eligible for employment.
  • Participation and Sports Officiating experience is preferred but not required.
  • Thorough knowledge of the UB Intramurals Policies and Procedures.
  • A thorough knowledge of the Sports being officiated.
  • Physical ability to keep up with the sports being officiated.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.

Head Official*

*Promotional Only

Job Description
The purpose of the Head official position is to supervise intramural team sports including flag football, volleyball, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, basketball, softball, and other activities. Supervisors are also responsible for overseeing and managing a safe and pleasant atmosphere for intramural participants and for assisting the professional staff when needed. Attendance at mandatory supervisors, officials, and captains meetings is also required. Work under the supervision of the Assistant of Intramural Sports along with the Assistant Director of Recreation Programs. Student supervising is a semester employment opportunity.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Provide pre-game assistance for the set-up of intramural sports
    • Arrive early and set up the facility for the intramural activity
    • Pick up daily game sheets and keys for the day's/night's activities
    • Bring first aid kit to event.
    • Check out equipment to participants
    • Assist in setting up equipment for the day's/night's activities
    • Assist in examining facility for safety hazards
    • Assist in signing in intramural teams and in verifying their eligibility
    • Ensuring that participants sign liability waivers
    • Assign the intramural officials to their partners and field/court assignments
    • Act as a resource and service person for participants
    • Complete the required forms
    • Confirm status of the event should event cause a cancellation
  2. Provide quality supervision during contests
    • View the intramural contest and attempt to anticipate problems
    • Oversee the intramural contest and ensure participation takes place in a safe manner, Never leave any intramural event unsupervised
    • Provide training and support to the intramural officials staff
    • Diffuse any potential problems involving spectators, coaches, or players
    • Fill out any forms that are required during the day's/night's events
    • Aid participants with injuries by providing First Aid and CPR, and report all injuries or problems to the Intramural Assistant
    • Dissipates Disagreements
    • Maintaining control during games
    • Use Emergency Training Planning
    • Enforce university policies
  3. Assist in post-game duties
    • Assist in completing any necessary forms
    • Assist in storing any equipment at the conclusion of the intramural activity
    • Submit the appropriate paperwork and keys at the conclusion of the day's/night's activity
  4. Other duties, as assigned.

Knowledge/Skills Required for the Job

  • Previous experience in the intramural sports program
  • General knowledge of recreational sports programs
  • Possess good leadership skills
  • Ability to effectively supervise others
  • Possess good written and oral communication skills
  • Possess good conflict resolution skills
  • Genuine interest in serving students
  • Available to work afternoons, evenings, and weekends
  • Thorough knowledge of the Intramural Sports policies and procedures.
  • A thorough knowledge of the sport being supervised.
  • A thorough knowledge of the officiating aspect of Intramural Sports
  • Ability to deal with difficult people in a professional
  • Certification in First Aid and CPR.
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Application Procedures

You will need to submit our Intramural Sports Official Application. All interested students should apply to the Intramural Sports Official position of their desired sport.

After you submit an application, you will be contacted by an Intramural Sports office staff about attending a New Hire Session.

New Hire Session

Domestic Students

When attending a new hire session, domestic students must bring with them:
  • Valid US Passport

If you do not have a valid US passport, you must bring 1 document from List A and 1 document from List B:

List A

  • Original Valid Driver’s License
  • Original State ID
  • Student ID

List B

  • Original Social Security Card (Not a copy)
  • Original birth certificate (Not a copy)

International Students

When attending a new hire session, international students must bring with them:

  • Valid Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94
  • 1-20
  • Social Security Card*

*International students must have a social security card in order to begin work on campus. If you do not have a card, contact UB Intramurals at and she will provide you with information on how to obtain one.

Once Hired

Once you are hired you must read and sign the Intramural Employee Handbook which contains policies and procedures you will be expected to follow as part of your employment.

You must also attend the Official Training Sessions and officiate for pre-season games.

Contact a Professional

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Roz Dominico

Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Programs


156 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-6149