Group Fitness

What is Group Fitness?

A group fitness class is a form of physical conditioning to enhance circulatory and respiratory efficiency that involves succinct exercises in a group setting.

Benefits of Group Fitness

Personal Training Without the Higher Costs. Rather than struggling and battling through each workout, Group Fitness classes promote the resources to work with a fitness professional and other to reduce injury, reduce boredom and hold you accountable for the workout.

Motivation and Accountability. Group Fitness classes promote motivation: they have you complete the full class; other member hold you accountable for each movement and each water break.  Head to a class if your motivational fire has burned out.

FUN. Group Fitness is fun and entertaining – music provides motivation, and you share the struggles and challenges with the rest of the class.

Competition and Comradelier. Everyone is “in it together!”

Commitment. Many people quite exercise to do time constraints; participating in Group Fitness may help overcome this obstacle by offering consistently scheduled classes.


Fall 2018

Status Pricing
UB Student $30
UB Faculty and Staff* $50
Community $60
REC Students** $20

*UB Faculty and Staff can take advantage of Free Group Fitness classes offered in partnership with UB WELL.
See class offerings here

**REC Students must currently be enrolled in a REC class to receive special pricing.

Not sure if you want to commit to an entire semester of group fitness classes? Try a Single Class Pass for $5.

Group Fitness Class Policies

  1. Participants will not be admitted to the class 5 minutes after the warm-up has begun.
  2. Appropriate non-revealing workout attire in required at all times. Participants must wear a t-shirt or tank top, shorts or pants, and athletic foot wear (sneakers). No jeans, shoes, boots, revealing tops or shorts, etc.
  3. Participants are encouraged to monitor their own workout intensity and take water breaks frequently.
  4. Participants are responsible for handling equipment in a safe demeanor and to return all equipment used during a class to the appreciate storage space.
  5. Personal items should be placed in lockers prior to participation.  UBRec is not reasonable for any personal items brought into a group fitness class space.
  6. All classes are on a first come, first serve basis. To ensure safety of participants, class size may be limited.
  7. Participants must present UB ID if taking a Free GF class for UB students or a Group Fitness Permit or Single Class Pass if taking a regularly schedule GF class.
  8. Participants are encouraged to bring their own floor mat to each class for floor exercises.
  9. If you are ill or feeling weak, it is not recommended to partake in a group fitness class.  If an instructor feel that you may further injure yourself by taking part or continuing a class, they reserve the right to request you not complete the class you are attending.
  10. Participants who are injured must determine their ability to complete any physical activity.  It is recommended to receive doctor’s approval prior to returning to physical activity.
  11. If a patron becomes injured during a class, promptly inform the instructor.  An accident/injury report will need to be completed.
  12. The instructor reserves the right to ask any participants to leave should these policies not be followed.

Sign-Up for Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Permits can be purchased in-person at Recreation Member Services on North Campus at 175 Alumni Arena or on South Campus at 113 Clark Hall.*

*Must bring valid photo ID and be 18+ or accompanied by parent/guardian.

A Group Fitness Permit can be used for any and all group fitness classes offered for the semester at either campus. Check the Group Fitness Class Schedule for current offerings.

Contact a Professional

headshot of jessica nyrop

Jessica Nyrop

Associate Director for Fitness and Instruction


175 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-2534