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you know is reaching others.

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The University at Buffalo makes
a difference in everything we do.

Our thinking, research, creative activity, and people positively impact and change the world.
Like the city we call home, UB is distinguished by a culture of resilient optimism, resourceful thinking, and pragmatic dreaming that enable us to reach others every day.

Saving families
Enabling athletes

to return to play

Inspiring audiences

on world stages

Building futures

for Buffalo families

Bringing sound

to Guatemalan villagers

Helping youth

gain valuable lessons

Cultivating students’

interest in science

Guiding children

in need of support

Providing dental care

to the world

Engaging students

in physics through art

Saving firefighters

by reducing risks

Assisting families

at tax time

Creating housing

for the poor, elderly

Empowering people

with disabilities

Helping children

with dental problems

Strengthening lungs

of premature infants

Protecting the future

of rain forests

Improving treatment

of AIDS patients

Helping children

understand math

Protecting buildings

from earthquake damage