Connect with the PSS

The professionalstaffconnect-list, also known as the PSS Discussion List, or CONNECT is an unmoderated list. To send a message, simply use the address

CONNECT allows professional staff to communicate with each other directly. Using the listserv you can:

  • Find resources, information, and advice from others in similar positions.
  • Share information about job duties and concerns.
  • Identify common areas of interest.
  • Learn about opportunities for growth and development.
  • Discuss common problems in the workplace.

Examples of questions posted to the list in the past include:

  • “I have just been asked to take over scheduling for our classrooms, and need tips on how to accomplish this most efficiently...”
  • “I need to find information on training for our new software...”
  • “I am looking for someone ... who could provide advice and help with setting up a supply inventory system.”
  • “I’m working as a lab assistant, and am interested in moving to a different assistant position, but I don't know what is available...”

CONNECT is also used to alert Professional Staff to upcoming events and activities. As part of email ettiquette, people who reply to the CONNECT list should remember to reply ONLY to the sender of the email and NOT to the entire list.

Professional Staff who are recent arrivals at UB are automatically added to CONNECT. Any Professional Staff member may subscribe at any time by sending a message to with no subject and “subscribe professionalstaffconnect-list firstname lastname” in the body.

Instructions for removing yourself are automatically appended to every message: send a message to listserv@listserv.buffalo.eduwith no subject, and a single line, “signoff professionalstaffconnect-list” in the body of the message. Make sure to delete any automatic signature you might be using.

Feel free to contact the Senate office if you have any questions.