Curricular Distinction

Albert Price, a faculty member in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, teaches a World Civilization class in Knox Lecture Hall

Curricular distinction at UB encompasses the UB Curriculum, our new general education program; experiential learning, and new Experiential Learning Network; interprofessional education; and significant international experience. The UB Curriculum is at the forefront of this initiative with a focus on high impact practices and our UB 2020 themes - humanity, justice, environment, innovation, and health.

This curriculum is designed around four central concepts:

  • Integrative: learning that requires students to transfer, synthesize, and reflect upon knowledge from one area to another
  • Global: learning that engages with complex, interdependent global systems and legacies
  • Comprehensive: a program that leverages our strength as the most comprehensive university in New York state
  • Lifelong: instilling knowledge that will serve for life, but also inculcating the desire to be a lifelong learner. 

UB is committed to preparing our students to meet tomorrow’s challenges and be responsible citizens in an increasingly global and multicultural society. Through our distinctive curriculum, students gain deep domain knowledge, broadened understanding of their community and the world at large, appreciation for human and cultural diversity, confidence to navigate the world, and desire to be life-long learners.

Enhancements to UB’s curriculum continue to evolve and are being refined based on recommendations from the Curriculum and Assessment task force and related subcommittees. For more information, see the Curriculum and Assessment task force report.