Communities of Excellence:

Evaluation of Preliminary Proposals

Preliminary proposal presentations will be reviewed by the university’s leadership team to determine which teams will be invited to submit a full proposal. By early November (2014), leaders/co-leaders of successful teams will receive an invitation to submit a full proposal.

Preliminary proposal review criteria will include:

  • Impact on scholarship or creative activities
  • Impact on education and student learning
  • Impact on engagement
  • Existing strengths in the proposed area
  • Potential to enhance the culture of scholarship at UB
  • Potential for national and international recognition
  • Financial feasibility of proposed program
  • Leveraging of existing resources and infrastructure

Subsequent to all presentations, selected teams will be invited to submit full proposals. For those proposals not selected, feedback as to the strengths and weaknesses of the initial proposal presentation will be communicated.  This process is designed to encourage faculty teams to prepare better, stronger proposals in subsequent solicitation requests.