Communities of Excellence:

Concept Paper

Child drawing community

In the first stage of the proposal process, teams are required to submit a two-page concept paper providing a brief description of the project, how it responds to a grand challenge facing mankind and/or pushes the boundaries of human understanding, and how it relates to the Realizing UB 2020 themes.  This two page paper should be submitted via email to no later than April 30, 2014. The subject heading of the email should include a brief title of the concept and the name of the lead faculty member.  This broad call for concepts is designed to capture our best ideas for identifying and addressing grand challenges while not burdening the process with a detailed development of the entire team or supporting structures.  Thus, the prime focus of the concept paper is to clearly communicate why investment in the distinctive idea/ideas and approaches the team proposes will position UB as a leader in the topic area proposed. 

Each concept paper must include the following:

  1. THE TITLE – Title of the proposed Community of Excellence/contribution responding to a grand challenge and/or audacious idea
  2. THE SYNOPSIS – Brief description of the specific idea or concept and its relationship to a grand challenge and/or audacious idea (maximum of 500 words)
  3. THE OUTCOMES – What are the expected outcomes from the community relative to learning, scholarship, creative activity and engagement (maximum of 500 words)
  4. THEMES IMPACTED – State which Realizing UB 2020 theme or themes the community will address
  5. TARGETED FUNDING SOURCES – Provide a list of potential agencies, including philanthropy, the community might seek funding from in support of community outcomes

These concepts will be reviewed to determine which ideas the campus will pursue.  External and internal experts may be asked to comment on the importance of the proposed activity.  Moreover, lead faculty will be asked that where similar strong concepts arise, they be combined during the preliminary proposal stage, i.e., team building may be required after best concepts are chosen.  Up to 10-15 concepts will be invited for further consideration as a preliminary proposal.