Award Information

To achieve our goals, UB will make a multi-million dollar investment in Communities of Excellence and an Innovation Scholars Program (more information on Innovation Scholars will be provided at a future date).  This investment may include permanent recurring funds and non-recurring funds.  In addition, communities are expected to leverage institutional investments through pursuit of additional outside funding in support of their goals (e.g. through philanthropy or extramural funding).  Depending on the needs for each community, annual budgets may vary; it is expected that requests for new university funding be consistent with the scale and goals of the community and its planned outcomes and impacts. 

Metrics for success will be determined for each project based on consultation with the community and university leadership, with the shared understanding that there will be variability across disciplines.  What is common to all communities is the expectation that they will achieve excellence and distinctiveness in their fields by addressing society’s most significant challenges. A critical component of each community is how its formation will provide a profound learning experience to our students and thus train the next generation of thought leaders in their respective fields.  Each community is expected to articulate how it will engage various groups – be they our local and regional communities, business and industry partners, members of respective scholarly communities, or others as defined by the community.   In summary, each community must articulate how it will contribute to UB’s distinctiveness and academic excellence.