Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDSE)

The core of this proposal is the development of a new “Masters + Ph.D.” program and supporting research center in computational and data-enabled sciences and engineering (CDSE), which will be substantially supported by several research and educational grants.

The Masters+PhD program will fill a pressing need for interdisciplinary courses in CDSE. It will also offer two certificate programs: one extant, in computational sciences (with over 25 already awarded) and a new one, in data intensive computing. The center will bring together the efforts of faculty currently scattered across several departments, facilitate recruiting of stellar faculty, and significantly contribute to the enhancement of productivity and visibility of UB faculty. Computational and data sciences have become critical elements of scientific progress, economic competitiveness, and national security. For example, the decoding of the human genome, modeling of natural phenomenon from cosmology to insect flight, evaluation of the impact of major disasters, and the science of complex systems all involve computational manipulation of large datasets. Thus, the analysis of “Big Data” has become vital across virtually all areas of science and engineering, resulting in new initiatives from government and industry. The CDSE initiative is strongly supported by four participating decanal units at UB.

The initiative will:

  1. Increase educational opportunity and employability for students;
  2. Attract new graduate students to UB
  3. Engage and increase research/funding opportunities for faculty whose research interests are aligned with the mission of the center;
  4. Hire 2 senior faculty of international stature to bring high visibility to UB and also attract 6 junior faculty;
  5. Organize annual workshops and summer schools to develop a vibrant research and education program on campus.