Center for Excellence in Writing

A Center for Excellence in Writing (CEW) will foster excellence in writing and writing instruction across the university by combining and extending existing writing services.

The Center will serve as an intellectual foundation for writing research, teaching, practice, and assessment, and for providing tutorial and workshop assistance to students.  In particular, it will:

  • Contribute to a signature General Education program that will attract undergraduates to Buffalo;
  • Provide peer and professional tutoring, workshops, dissertation completion groups, ESL support, and on-line learning;
  • Assist faculty teaching writing and in their research/grant writing across UB;
  • Make more efficient use of UB’s existing de-centralized resources dedicated to writing instruction.

At the same time, it will have a major impact on significant UB metrics goals, namely to:

  • Increase undergraduate and graduate student retention;
  • Help students achieve a four-year time to graduation;
  • Improve student and faculty research productivity, directly impact research performance

As a research-1 institution, UB should have a research-based and rigorous writing center.  It is currently one of only two AAU universities without a writing center for at least its undergraduate population, and the great majority of AAU institutions have writing centers that serve graduate students and faculty as well as undergraduates.  Moreover, in 2008, the UB Faculty Senate unanimously approved a proposal to create a Writing Center.  Particularly as our tuition fees rise, students will expect that UB’s instructional services be comparable to those at peer institutions.  A writing center will help shape a campus culture of excellence in writing.