Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies

Techne, the Greek root of both technique and technology, etymologically links epistemology—the production of knowledge—to engaged and embodied practice, to art.

New research and development at the intersection of creative practices and digital technologies is one of the most robust and growing areas of the US economy, including both federal funding and job growth.  UB already has many of the essential elements to become a leading institution in this domain including excellent faculty, active graduate and undergraduate arts programs in both scholarship and praxis, and a rich history of innovation across the arts and sciences.  The Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technology at UB proposes to capitalize on these existing strengths by developing the infrastructure needed to connect, support, and encourage high-level production and recognition in the arts and technology at UB, including collaborations among the arts departments such as Theatre & Dance and Media Study, and the Center for Computational Research and Integrated Nanostructured Systems.  Drawing on existing models such as the Beall Art+Technology Center at UC Irvine and the Digital Medical Center at John Hopkins University, we propose the Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technology to:

  • Foster new and existing research collaborations among the arts and technology;
  • Create infrastructure to solicit new revenue sources including grants, new patent licenses, and private philanthropy;
  • Increase graduate student population by expanding existing degree programs and new summer programs;
  • Promote national and international awareness of research in the arts and sciences at UB through the presentation of new work, visiting artists, digital archiving and presentation, and strategic high-profile (National Academy) hires across multiple areas.

To achieve these objectives, The Techne Institute will pursue core strategies focused on faculty development and visibility, increased grant applications and awards, and curricular development.