Strategic Planning for Enrollment and Financial Aid

To help achieve the University at Buffalo’s ambitious goals for undergraduate and graduate student recruitment and retention, the University will engage expert assistance to guide the university in development of a comprehensive strategic enrollment management process and development of a strategic enrollment plan to be in place within the next 12 months making this plan operational for the Fall 2013 recruitment cycle.

The strategic  planning and resulting operational planning and implementation would focus on enrollment cohorts at the graduate and undergraduate level with emphasis on effective goal setting, establishment of measurable key performance indicators, enrollment and marketing related research, and continuous monitoring of progress toward goals.  As part of the project, the University will develop recommendations on establishing an Office of Enrollment Management, to be led by a senior administrator and supported by a campus wide enrollment planning council.

In parallel with SEP development and implementation, the project also will evaluate efforts to enhance the university’s understanding and strategic deployment of financial aid.  As planned tuition increases are now established and student debt has escalated (now exceeding credit card debt nationally) it is imperative for the University to gain a better understanding of the impact of cost and merit and need-based aid on student enrollment behavior (initial recruitment to the university and retention).  In development of a new aid model, the use of our present institutional funds to leverage private philanthropy to expand our scholarship pool will be evaluated.  Named scholarships provide powerful linkages for alumni and other donors, provide meaningful personal connections for students, and can significantly expand our reach for both new student attraction and for solidifying retention of current students.