Genomics and Bioinformatics

A platform for integrative biomedical and translational research

Genomics based medicine begins with the process of discovery or the ability to apply bioinformatics analysis to complex datasets.  The overall objective of this proposal is to strengthen and maintain our competitiveness for funding in biomedical and translational sciences via expanding our capabilities in bioinformatics and genomics.  This expansion will facilitate integration of genomic studies into clinical and translational programs at UB and for members of the Buffalo Translational Consortium; create a comprehensive genomics resource for investigators from throughout the SUNY system, via collaboration with SUNY REACH as well as attract business from biotech startups and other commercial sources.  Importantly, the individual hired will be an essential resource for the proposed Department of Biomedical Informatics by providing the computational tools enable discovery of genomic markers (e.g.; mutations, SNPs) and associated pathways, which may impact patient care through improved diagnostics and therapeutics.  The proposal directly addresses computational analysis of highly complex genomics data sets, which is universally acknowledged as the major bottleneck in this area.  Our genomics core already has the physical capacity for more analyses:  what it lacks is the bioinformatics capacity required to derive biological meaning from the resulting data for the larger investigator base which seeks to use it.  This initiative will correct that deficiency.