Diversity Recruitment Conference

One strategy for achieving and maintaining excellence is a focused effort on recruitment of a high-quality, diverse student body.

UB must prepare itself to meet the challenge of increasingly competitive recruitment as the current large numbers of “Baby Boom Echo” high school students decrease.  In the coming decades, nearly all of the growth of US high school-aged students will be in non-white demographic groups.  The extent to which UB can market itself to a diverse 21st century population will determine the quality of its student body and, by extension, the standing of the university itself.

UB can meet the challenges of recruiting a diverse student body by expanding its currently-existing efforts to reach out to guidance professionals at majority-minority high schools, both locally and nationwide.  This proposal suggests a two-day conference for hosting guidance professionals, including networking receptions with representatives from departments and decanal areas, tours of UB and highlights of university programs and the Western New York area.  As part of this proposal, guidance professionals would be incentivized to recommend UB to their students by recommending scholarship awards to students in their schools who would promote UB’s diversity.  Inherent in this proposal is cross-unit collaboration among recruitment professionals in Admissions and various decanal areas, promoting an efficient and effective means of marshalling resources to meet UB’s diversity goals.