Will my responses be kept confidential?

Yes!  Your responses will be kept in strict confidence and never released.  We always aggregate the responses when calculating statistics.  

How is the data used?

We use the information on the SOS to improve UB.  We need to know if we are succeeding and where we need to change.  The SOS is the most comprehensive assessment survey that we have.   

Are other SUNY campuses doing this survey?

Yes.  The SOS is being administered to all of SUNY’s four-year colleges.

What if I don’t have an opinion about something?

You may not have an opinion about a particular program or service or facility.  If so, choose the “Did Not Use” or “Not Available” option, or just leave the question blank.

Why do you want to know my Student ID?

One of the best uses of the SOS is to relate your responses to other academic information, such as your enrollment history at UB.  By giving us your ID, you give us permission to do that.  However, we will never release your ID to anyone.  In addition, only responses that include a student ID will be included in drawings for prizes.

How long does the survey take?

Most students finish the survey in 10-20 minutes or less. If you need to leave the survey before completing it, just finish the page you’re on, click “next,” and then close your browser. Your responses will be saved automatically, and you may use the survey link in your e-mail to complete the survey at another time.