Student Opinion Survey - 2015 Results

About the survey

The SUNY Student Opinion Survey (SOS) is administered every three years to SUNY undergraduates. The purpose of this survey is to help UB assess various areas of the campus community, atmosphere, facilities, and academic experiences. It identifies areas of student satisfaction and opportunities for improvement. This document presents highlights of the 2015 results for UB.

The survey includes items regarding student satisfaction in Academic Services/Experiences, Student Services/Facilities and Campus Communities/Student Life Experiences. For each item, satisfaction is rated on a five-point Likert scale, where 1 is “Very Dissatisfied” and 5 is “Very Satisfied.”

The first section, Academic Service/Experience, includes items such as Academic Advising in Major, Availability of Courses, Availability of Internships, Computer Services, and Quality of Instruction. The highest satisfaction ratings in this section were in Library Resources and Library Services, with an average score over 4 (4.13 and 4.07 respectively).

Several of the Top 10 most changed items were in the Student Service/Facility section. This section includes topics such as, Athletic and Recreational Facilities, Food Services, Career Planning, and Student Health Services. In this section, Billing Payment and Process jumped from 3.15 (2012) to 3.69 (2015). Course Registration Process, Financial Aid Services, and Food Services were also among the Top 10 most changed items, with an improved average score.

The Campus Community/Student Life Experience section includes topics ranging from Clarity of Policies, to Cultural Arts Programs, to Racial Harmony, and Student Input to College Policies. There were seven items that were above a 4 average on the Likert scale in the Campus Community/Student Life Experience section. They included: Acceptance of Individual Differences, Campus Safety and Security, Freedom From Harassment, Guest Speakers, Openness to Different Opinions, Opportunities for Campus Involvement and Staff Respect for Students.

Overall, the results from the 2015 Student Opinion Survey present positive satisfaction with UB. All 2015 ratings (with the exception of Parking) are on the positive side (3 or higher).

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