University Factbook

The UB Factbook is an intensive reporting effort spanning the depth and breadth of university operations.  Its goal is to provide an interactive compendium of frequently requested official information about the institution, using definitions developed and set by UB’s data governance process.

Current subject areas include student applications, enrollment, retention, degrees and graduation rates, as well as sponsored research, employees, and tuition and fees.  Future efforts will include information on library holdings, space, budget, giving and endowments.

Information contained within the Factbook will be updated as source data become official.

Questions or comments concerning the Factbook should be directed to Craig Abbey at 716-645-2791 or .

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Factbook Sections

Fall term admissions trends for undergraduate and graduate students by higher education history, gender and level.
Fall student census headcount with trend  breakouts by higher education history, unit of major, ethnicity, degree level, citizenship and Higher Ed History.
Yearly credit hours by Fall and Spring semesters.
Persistence trend by higher education history, unit, gender, ethnicity and full time status.
Number of degrees awarded by level and category.
UB’s official graduation rates of baccalaureate seeking fall entering first-time, full-time students. 
Reports profile state supported faculty and non-faculty staff in the most recent Fall census and display demographic and appointment trends over the past ten years.  Comparisons by gender, race/ethnicity, full/part time status, tenure status (for faculty), appointment type (classified or professional, for non-faculty), and age are available.
NSF sponsored program expenditure trend.
Tuition and fee trend by program and residence.
The University Libraries Factbook is an interactive reporting platform designed to provide top-level reporting on the Libraries operations as well as detailed information on some of the services the Libraries provide.