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Everyone at the University can contribute to the achievement of UB’s goal of academic excellence through continuing assessment efforts, a continuing focus on improvement, and a commitment to a pervasive culture of assessment.  We strive toward excellence in all that we do – educating our students, uncovering new knowledge, and outreach to the community.  Systematic assessment assures that we continue on a course toward excellence in each of these areas. 

To that end, all academic programs and administrative units are required to prepare brief, annual assessment reports to be submitted after the end of spring semester each year.  Although the content of these reports will vary according to the mission of the unit, there are several key components that must be included:

·         Unit or Program Mission;

·         Program Learning Outcomes;

·         Assessment Methods and Key Metrics;

·         Brief Highlight of Key Assessment Results; and

·         Description of Implications of Results for Unit or Program (e.g., identification of necessary changes or maintain status quo, indication of effectiveness of previous changes).