Department Chair Workshops


Department Chair Leadership Program Workshop Sries.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs continues its workshop series to help department chairs more effectively lead and respond to challenges they confront in their departments and/or units.   We look forward to another year of robust and engaging conversations about departmental life at UB.

Over this academic year, our office will be sponsoring a series of monthly lunch meetings to discuss various issues related to academic leadership.  We will address issues related to effective communication, budgets and resources, mentoring and work/life balance, faculty and student diversity, recruitment and hiring, tenure and promotion to name a few.

Chairs' Workshops are:

  • held monthly as 2 hour lunch-time seminars, food and refreshments provided
  • targeted for the second half of each month during the fall and spring semester
  • intended to be interactive and responsive; your feedback and requests drive the conversation and future planning


Please note that seating is limited and you are encouraged to register early to ensure your participation.  Please contact our office at 645-3594 or email Patti Napoli ( for your reservation.

Monday September 16, 2019

The Chair’s Role in Tenure and Promotion

We will review this data as well as the processes involved in preparing dossiers for tenure and promotion.  Case studies will be used to explore how chairs evaluate the performance of a faculty member. Topics will include:

·        Overview of the process and timing

·        Effective dossier preparation

·        Leading departmental reviews

·        Making difficult decisions

·        Concerns regarding promotion to full professor

·        Preparing the Chair’s letter


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Integrating Non-tenure Track Faculty into your Department

Faculty not on the tenure track make significant contributions to departments across UB in the areas of research, teaching, and service. However, many Chairs confront challenges associated with the integration of non-tenure track faculty into the life of their department.  Also, while many non-tenure track faculty express high-levels of satisfaction, others raise concerns with their status at UB. In this session, we will examine data collected by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and explore the following topics:

·        Satisfaction among non-tenure track faculty

·        Integration of non-tenure track faculty

·        Barriers to integration of non-tenure track faculty

·        Evaluation and promotion of non-tenure track faculty

·        Mentoring non-tenure track faculty

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Effective Communication and Managing Conflict

Conducting difficult conversations is an inevitable feature of department leadership.  In this session, participants will be introduced to an inventory of conflict styles and explore strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution.  An interactive group exercise will be conducted to help demonstrate processes for promoting trust and managing conflict. 

Topics include: 

·     Effective communication strategies

·     Building trust and rapport

·     Evaluating conflict

·     Resolving conflict

·     Negotiating


December 10, 2019

The Role of the Chair in Building a Mentoring Culture

Effective mentorship is unquestionably one of the most valuable resources in building a highly functional and successful department.  UB’s Mentoring Policy states that all schools and departments shall provide faculty mentoring opportunities for all tenure-track and clinical/research/adjunct faculty and tenured associate professors for the first five years after tenure is granted. Mentoring for associate professors beyond five years and full professors is optional but highly encouraged.  Yet, building an effective mentoring culture within departments can sometimes be challenging. In this session, we will review data collected by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and explore the following topics:

·        UB’s current Mentoring Policy

·        Challenges to faculty mentoring within departments

·        Best practices associated with faculty mentoring

·        Mentoring faculty through their career