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Institutional Standing Committee on Assessment

Central to UB’s educational mission is our commitment to ensuring that our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students receive an exceptional education.  As part of that commitment, we are seeking to further develop and strengthen appropriate assessment protocols to evaluate and ultimately enhance student learning.

The Institutional Standing Committee on Assessment is charged with becoming the University’s experts on Middle States Standards 7 and 14 and with reviewing, developing, and implementing assessment processes which will enable us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of our mission.  Specifically, assessment processes that exist to examine institutional effectiveness, as well as those that examine student achievement of key learning outcomes, will be reviewed and evaluated by this committee. In addition, this committee will serve as an advisory board for the Office of University Assessment and Accreditation as it works to establish its role as a provider of assessment support for the university community.

Because Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes are of utmost importance for everyone at UB, this committee has broad representation across the university from both academic and support units. 

During the 2012-13 academic year, the committee developed recommendations for a sustainable plan for institutional assessment with clear guidelines for the appropriate assessment of student learning across all programs.  This semester, the committee will be revisiting these recommendations to identify necessary resources and make funding recommendations to the Realizing UB 2020 Curriculum and Assessment Task Force.

Fall Meeting Schedule

Fall 2013 meetings are Fridays at 10 a.m.  Listed below are the days and room locations for each meeting:

October 18 – 107 Capen Hall

October 25 – 567 Capen Hall

November 1 – 567 Capen Hall

November 8 – 567 Capen Hall

November 15 – 107 Capen Hall

Exceptions to this schedule are:

Wednesday, November 20, 2:00 p.m. – 531 Capen Hall

Monday, November 25, 1:00 p.m. – 567 Capen Hall


Committee Membership

2012-13 through 2013-14

(Subject to Change)

Laura Barnum, Senior Associate Vice Provost, Resource Planning

Hadar Borden, Administrative Director, Undergraduate Academies

Harold Burton,  Associate Professor, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Gary Byrd, Director, Health Sciences Library

Dianna Cichocki, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Organization and Human Resources

Heidi Crow, Associate Professor/Associate Dean for Advanced Education, School of Dental Medicine

Elaine Cusker,    Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Katharine Darling, Assistant Dean for Academic Services, The Graduate School

Kimberly Elsener, Staff Associate, University Life and Services

Jeffrey Errington, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chuck Ewing, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Law School

Danis Gehl, Associate Executive Director/Director of Education, Educational Opportunity Center

Larry Gingrich, Associate Dean, Millard Fillmore College

John Ho, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean, The Graduate School

Arlene Kaukus, Director, Career Services

Kathleen Kost, Associate Professor/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Social Work

Xiufeng Liu, Professor, Learning and Instruction

Cathleen Morreale, Coordinator Public Service Internship and Experiential Learning Program, Cora P. Maloney College

Kathleen O’Brien, Senior Staff Assistant, Arts and Sciences Libraries

Mary Odrzywolski,  Director, Study Abroad

Susan Ott,  Principal Education Specialist, Ronald E. McNair Program

Stefanos Papazaharias, Staff Associate, College of Arts and Sciences

Lance Rintamaki, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Communication (ISCA co-chair)

Claire Schen, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, History

Surajit Sen, Professor, Physics

Lisa Stephens, Associate for Instructional Resources, IT Policy and Communications

Andrew Stott, Associate Professor/Director, English/University Honors College

Letitia Thomas, Assistant Vice Provost & Director, Cora P. Maloney College

John Van Benschoten,   Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Carol VanZile-Tamsen, Associate Director, University Accreditation and Assessment (ISCA co-chair)

Matthew Weigand, Director, New Student Programs

Margaret Wells, Director, Public Services & Arts & Sciences, University Libraries

Claude Welch, Distinguished Service Professor, Political Science

Paul Wietig, Clinical Associate Professor/Interim Director, Rehabilitation Sciences/TLC

John Wood, Associate Vice Provost, International Education

Roger Woodard, Professor, Classics

Mary Wurm-Schaar, Assistant Dean, Curricular Assessment & Outcomes Management, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences