Outstanding Service Recognized


Published August 21, 2020


We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the second quarter of 2020.

Employees of the Quarter, Second Quarter 2020

Technical Specialists Daryl Kempf and Scott Wallace

Over just this past year alone, our department has undergone a unique set of technological and environmental challenges. Part of this included a long overdue renovation project to Bissell Hall. It began with the demolition of the concrete ramp to our main entrance and the noise of jackhammers in our lobby forced an emergency relocation of our dispatch operations. Daryl and Scott worked quickly to move our communications center to the briefing room without any interruption in service. In addition to the building renovations, Scott and Daryl were simultaneously involved in a protracted effort with Saia Communications to address issues that arose the implementation of our new digital radio system. This required extensive work for Daryl and Scott, and included setting up a microwave relay between Bissell Hall and the digital site at Cooke Hall - an unanticipated, but necessary expansion of the project.

As the year progressed, the renovations at Bissell continued as well. The removal of carpeting caused an emergency shut down of the project due to asbestos exposure concerns. Daryl and Scott had to relocate dispatch once again, this time to a different campus. The required relocation not only effected dispatch operations, but also involved moving all support staff from Bissell to temporary work spaces at Abbott. Again, this major relocation was accomplished without any interruption in service. And thanks to Scott and Daryl, the dispatch operation at Abbott is now a fully functioning back-up dispatch center that we can move to in the event of an emergency - something we have been looking to accomplish for the last twenty years.

Once the asbestos remediation at Bissell was completed, Daryl and Scott were called upon to assist with the installation and removal of technology and equipment throughout the station as the booking area, investigator offices, break room and briefing room were all renovated. Often times, Daryl and Scott would have to drop everything and respond quickly in order to keep the renovation project moving forward.

As the COVID-19 crisis took hold and much of the University was effectively shut down, Scott and Daryl continued to maintain and enhance our essential public safety infrastructure. Several IT and camera projects that had been put on hold were re-started. A new audio recording system for UPD phone calls was implemented. New digital radio consoles were installed in dispatch. All of our patrol car computers were upgraded to Windows X. Repairs were also completed to multiple camera systems at all three campuses as well as numerous other projects.

As challenging as this past year has been, it was not especially atypical for Scott and Daryl. Usually, when we announce employees of the quarter, we are recognizing people for an excellent response to a single event. However, Daryl and Scott’s professional dedication and astounding work efforts far exceed what most of us would reasonably expect from a coworker, and certainly are not contained within a single event or “quarter”.

On behalf of the entire department, because every one of us have called upon them for help at one time or another, we are very pleased to take this moment to reflect upon the professionalism and personal dedication continuously displayed by Daryl Kempf and Scott Wallace. 

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