UB Police Find First Responder Experience Is Invaluable


Published August 21, 2017

University Police Officer Dale Hohl and Lt. Kevin Will say their experience as first responders has changed how they respond to emergencies on campus. They both serve as volunteer firefighters and find it has prepared them to handle situations as police officers.

University Police Lt. Kevin Will explains how his firefighting experience has benefited his role as a police officer.

“For instance, as a new officer, you are a bit ahead in having an ability to handle the stress, split-second decision-making and adrenaline rush that comes along with police work…any new police officer will confront those challenges,” Will says. “The experience that you get from doing both jobs is invaluable,” he adds.

Officer Dale Hohl, agrees. “As police officers, we are responding knowing that things can go from zero to 60 in an instant. You don’t know what you’re going in to”.

Joshua B. Sticht, deputy chief of University Police, explains that the experience gained as a first responder benefits police officers by helping to shape their thinking and how they respond to emergencies.

“The additional training you get as a firefighter in first aid, for example, is also very valuable for you as a police officer. Because as you are responding to a call, you never know how that situation may change or what you might be confronted with once you arrive on scene,” Sticht says.