Burglary Suspect from Dormitory Burglaries


Published September 15, 2017

The suspect has not been violent, but students should notify the University Police immediately and not take action on their own.
Joshua Sticht, Deputy Chief
University Police

The University Police have identified a suspect in the burglaries and thefts that have occurred in the dormitories since the end of July. We are providing this information to the public to help prevent any more members of the university community from becoming crime victims.

Front mug shot of suspect Darnell Cleveland
Profile mug shot of suspect Darnell Cleveland

Darnell Cleveland

The suspect in these photos is Darnell Cleveland. He has no affiliation with the university. Cleveland has been identified as the suspect in 7 burglaries that occurred in the UB residence halls since the end of July. University Police, working with the Erie County District Attorney, have obtained a warrant for the arrest of Cleveland on charges relating to the burglaries and subsequent thefts from student residences. The identification is based on video and other physical evidence recovered during the investigation of the burglaries. Cleveland is 20 years old. He is 5'11" tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds. He resides at an unknown address in the city of Buffalo.

University Police have a warrant for Cleveland's arrest; however, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Cleveland has no history of violent acts. In each of the burglaries he is suspected of did not confront or even speak to any of the victims.

Anyone who sees Cleveland is advised to contact the University Police immediately at 716-645-2222. Do not attempt to apprehend him on your own.

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