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Our Role in UB's Strategic Plan

The Power Center for Utility Explorations is a key player in realizing that plan. Below are some of the initiative's we are involved in.

Advancing the Climate Action Plan

Working in collaboration with UB's Office of Sustainability and UB Facilities, the PCUE will advance ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption and decrease our carbon footprint on campus. 

UB's Energy Diversification Initiative is designed to help UB lead the reinvigoration of the area’s energy economy. It will bring together research efforts in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Law School and the School of Management to address critical national energy needs through a strategic initiative in faculty and facilities. 

The PCUE will be engaged in following four areas:

  • Energy Infrastructure
    • Smart Energy Grids
    • Renewable energy using advanced materials 
    • Energy Storage technologies
  • Energy Policy
    • Regulation
  • Business of Energy
    • Real time pricing
    • Demand response and efficiency 
  • Energy Education
    • New energy degree and training programs