Consultation and Collaboration

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OEE staff members provide consultation in all areas of educational assessment, from assessment that is done for grading purposes to program assessment activities.  In addition, we are available to collaborate on time-limited assessment projects that examine the effectiveness and/or impacts of sepcial educational initiatives.

Assessment Consultation

Assessment assistance is available for individuals, programs, faculty and departments at the university.

Consultaton Topic Areas

  • Developing program-level and course-level outcomes
  • Mapping course outcomes to program outcomes or institutional outcomes
  • Developing course and program assessment plans
  • Designing appropriate assessments
  • Syllabus development
  • Rubric development and calibration
  • Compilation, analysis and interpretation of assessment results
  • Scanning and machine scoring of exams and custom-designed assessment instruments
  • Psychometric analysis of exams
  • Development of custom course evaluation questions
  • Training in the use of UB’s Course Evaluation System, including the Reporting Tool
  • Using course evaluation results to improve teaching effectiveness
  • Survey development and administration

Assessment Collaboration

OEE staff members are available to collaborate on assessment projects that fall outside of typical course and program assessment, such as assessing broader program impacts or effeciveness of learning activities outside of the classroom, retention studies, dashboard creation, etc.